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Scion iQ Concept to Debut at New York Auto Show; Can it Win American Hearts?


When we reported back in early October that the Toyota iQ would debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show as a Scion, turns out we jumped the gun a bit by three shows. Apparently, the Scion-badged iQ our sources saw was headed to a Toyota dealer event instead of L.A. at the time. Nevertheless, Toyota will be bringing the rebadged iQ concept to New York next month as a pre-production look at the newest member of the automaker’s youth brand lineup.

The iQ itself will come to market as a sub-$15,000 two-door subcompact hatch with enough hip, quirky appeal to potentially lure some buyers away from the similarly tiny Smart Fortwo. We’re likely to see the 1.5L engine from the Yaris under the iQ’s hood mated to either a five-speed manual or Toyota’s Multidrive CVT.

When we drove a Toyota-badged iQ last year, we concluded that it rode more maturely than the Smart, but featured virtually non-existent rear seat room, an equally impractical trunk, and uninspiring behavior when hustled. Additionally, considering upcoming European rivals such as the Ford Fiesta and the Volkswagen Golf MK6 will likely match the iQ’s fuel economy while offering more room and practicality, it was hard to even praise that facet of the diminutive hatchback.

Still, there may be a few changes yet to come for the Scion-branded iQ when it enters the U.S. market. We’ll have all the updates when we bring you live coverage from the New York Auto Show next month, but meanwhile, what are your thoughts on a Scion iQ? Will the Japanese subcompact have what it takes to win over American hearts?


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  1. I have been anxiously awaiting information about the iQ, especially about the release date and base price. I was hoping it would be more comparable to the smart car base price and cheaper than the Yaris base. Looking forward to more info after April 8th. Very impressed by the 5 star safety rating. Anyone with comments about safety should check out those 5 stars it just receved. :P
    For fun, hopefully it will come with all the color choices it has in Japan.

  2. :D Good for the young family that desires a Smart Car, but needs room for a car seat and wants the dependability of Toyota. I plan to purchase!

  3. I just saw it at the NY International autoshow and it looked awesome. It was in a rasioactive yellow color and looked like a Pikachu cat thing. I like it. It has a smart design for 4 people, but doesn’t have anycargo space. You can pull the seats down if ou go shopping by yourself, though. In the car they had, there were no door handles, there’s a button under the side mirrors. Great for parking in the city and it brings back the old scion spirit! :D

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